LH1 is a two day workshop at Living Hope where we learn the first steps of the Discipleship Process like the 5 key components of a Disciple-making Church, Biblical Foundations for Leadership, and what our relationship with Jesus (John 15: 4-5) means in the Home, Church, and the World. Interested in more information or signing up for LH1? Contact us today!



LH2 is the follow-up, two day workshop, clarifying what we must share with new believers and understand how leaders must be anchored if we are to disciple others well. In LH2 we focus on being anchored and sharing our lives, habits, and truth, while receiving practical tools to fulfill II Peter 1:12. Are you interested in learning more about LH2?
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Since there will always be someone who knows more or has experienced more than us and someone who knows less and has experienced less than us, we are all therefore in a position to be mentored and to mentor. A mentoring relationship is developed when a person looks to someone else who is further along in their walk with God or in a certain area of ministry or skill to glean from that person's God-given wisdom and experience. Contact us if you are interested in mentoring or being mentored. Connect with our Counselors.