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Nicaragua Mission Trip

Greetings to LHCC sponsors of Compassion children in El Balsamo!


As most of you are aware, this November we will each have the opportunity to visit our sponsor children in El Balsamo Nicaragua. (If you already know you will NOT be going on this trip, you can ignore this email).


This morning at church we realized that not everyone was aware that we're currently collecting applications for that trip, and especially that the due date for those applications is next Sunday, June 11.


Therefore, at the risk of over-communicating, we wanted to provide information and copies of the applications to any who may potentially be interested.


Some key points:


1. There are two ways you can visit Nicaragua this November with Living Hope:


The “short visit” - expected to run from Wed Nov 8 to Sun Nov 12. This trip includes a visit to meet your child, get to know the church in El Balsamo, and hopefully a visit to one or more homes that our children live in.


The “long visit” - runs from Nov 3 to 12. The first portion of the visit will include mission work with our missionaries in Nicaragua (Fields of Abundance - more info at 


We intend for both groups (short and long trips) to connect up on Thursday, and then together head to El Balsamo to meet our children.


Both trips will cost approximately $1700 - because the majority of the trip cost is airfare.


2. There are separate applications for the short and long versions of the trip (the shorter trip has the shorter application). I’ve attached both applications below. PLEASE feel free to reach out with any questions to Mike Hoppes (for the long trip) or me (for the short trip). I have copied Mike Hoppes on this email so you can easily forward any questions to him.


3. Applications should be returned to church by Sunday, June 11 (you can deposit them in the black box by the welcome center) as follows:

  • Provide a completed copy of your application
  • Include a copy of the first page (with photo and vital information) of your passport - if you don't have a passport yet don't worry but be aware that one will be required to go on the trip
  • Include a refundable deposit of $100 made payable to Living Hope Community Church (Memo Field should say "Nicaragua Trip"). 

4. If you’re just finding out now about the June 11 due date now and June 11 is too soon for you to be able to make your decision, please email Mike Hoppes or myself ASAP and we’ll contact you to discuss your situation further.


Please also feel free to email us with any other questions you may have that will help you make a decision about or prepare for Nicaragua.


Looking forward to our trip!


Fields of Abundance Mission Trip Application

LHCC Nicaragua Sponsor Child Visit


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