• JANUARY 15, 2018 Winter Kick-off Movie Night @ 7 PM
  • Saturday AM Bible Study
    • Romans, John Stott
  • JANUARY 15, 2018 Men's Bible Studies begin this week

Three Bible Studies Offered:

  • Authentic: Disciplines of the Faith, James McDonald
  • Every Man's Battle: Winning the War on Temptation,
    Stephen Arterburn
  • Conversations on the Bible and Knowledge, Jeff Herot

March 2018

  • Three Springs Winter Service Retreat Weekend

April 2018

8 Iron Sharpens Iron 1 day conference in Allentown, PA

8-14 Service Trip to Houston, TX

May 2018

20 Family Fishing at Bob Miracle's

June 2018

17 Father's Day
24 Trail biking and dinner

July 2018

22 Disc Golf and Dinner

August 2018

8 Iron Pigs Game

September 2018

10 Fall Kick-off Movie Night

29 Breakfast and Clays

October 2018

  • Men's Retreat
january 15, 2018 @ 7 PM winter kick-off movie night for men's & women's ministries. click the image above for link to movie trailer.

january 15, 2018 @ 7 PM winter kick-off movie night for men's & women's ministries. click the image above for link to movie trailer.

The Authentic Bible Study

Learn to follow Jesus’ example by practicing the spiritual disciplines He used to maintain a close relationship with His Father. Discover how much you can grow in Christlikeness as you pursue the practices of Biblestudy, prayer, fasting, fellowship, service, and worship.

Authentic: Developing theDisciplines of a Sincere FaithAuthentic Workbook, A seven-session DVD series

1.Seven Habits of HighlyHypocritical People
2.Discipline of Personal BibleStudy
3.Discipline of Personal Prayer
4.Discipline of Fasting
5.Discipline of Fellowship
6.Discipline of Serving Christ
7.Discipline of Worship (study exclusive)

The Every Man’s Battle Group Study

This comprehensive DVD series guides men through an honest application of biblical truth. It wakes men up to the fact that the battle for sexual purity is real and the costs are high. 

A spiritual battle for purity is going on in every heart and soul. The costs are real. Obedience is hard, requiring humility and meekness. We must pray and commit to a new relationship with God, fully aligned with His call and obedience. 

The Every Man’s Battle DVD series is perfect for men who have fallen in the past, those who want to remain strong today, and all who want to overcome temptation in the future.

Romans, Encountering the Gospel's Power, John Stott

There was considerable conflict between the Jews and Gentiles at the church in Rome over theology. Jewish Christians were proud of their favored status before God, and the Gentile Christians of their freedom from the law. In his ministry of reconciliation, Paul develops two themes. The first is the justification of guilty sinners by God's grace alone in Christ. The second is that the people of God are no longer defined by descent, circumcision or culture, but according to faith in Jesus. So "there is no difference" now between Jews and Gentiles (Romans 3:22). The call to unity is just as relevant to us today as we continue to face tensions in the body of Christ. May we hear and respond to God's call to us in Romans.
20 lessons under the guidance of one of the world's leading and most loved Bible teachers and preachers, John Stott, include inductive study, application, commentary, prayer helps, and leader guidelines. 

Publisher's Commentary: Study Scripture with John Stott! The gospel has power. The power to save us. The power to change the world. In Paul's letter to the Romans he explains to us the power we've been given to be effective witnesses, to overcome sin, to be wholly committed to God, to handle differences in Christ's body, to understand God's view of homosexuality and to be responsible Christian citizens. The truth in Romans will transform your thinking and convict your heart as you discover the power of the gospel for every area of your life and our world. John Stott is one of the world's leading and most loved Bible teachers and preachers. In this guide you can explore Scripture under his guidance, enhancing your own in-depth study with insights gained from his years of immersion in God's Word.