Dear Traveler,

 I am so excited you have the opportunity to travel with us to see Compassion in action!  It is crucial you register no later than February 4 to reserve your place on this trip to Nicaragua: April 29-May 6, 2019.

In order for your registration process to progress smoothly, it will be helpful for you to have your passport, Compassion sponsorship, health (including medications) information and emergency contacts ready to enter into the system.  There will be three drop down options for you to choose from in the “Registration Type” field on the first screen.  Please choose Sponsorif you have a sponsored child, or Non-Sponsor if you don’t sponsor a child with Compassion.  Your Church’s Group Facilitator, Diana, is the only person to choose Group Facilitator.  Diana will communicate when your payment deadlines are and other important information as your trip draws near.

IMPORTANT: The name information submitted during the registration process is the name Compassion uses to book airline tickets.  
All names must be entered exactly as they appear on your passport.  Any name change or correction will result in an airline fee charge to you.

 After you submit your registration, you will receive a Registration Confirmation email.  Please read this email immediately for instructions on how to complete your background check and travel release. These pieces are required to secure your registration.