Is your Next Step Premarital Counseling?
The next premarital counseling classes are right around the corner — interested? Email Kara King!

A Note from Pastor Nick!


This is Nick Campagna from Living Hope Community Church. CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement AND for seeking premarital counseling. Preparing for that big day is important but not as important as preparing for a life time together.
I am excited that you have expressed interest in our Premarital Class and I hope you and your fiancee can join us! Here are the our upcoming dates for our next session:

Thursday night, Aug 29 from 7-9pm
Thursday night, Sep 26 from 7-9pm
Sunday, Oct 27 from 12-2pm
Sunday, Nov 24 from 12-2pm
Sun, Jan 12 from 12-2pm

With a group of about 5-8 couples we will be journeying together through many of the important questions and details for having a God honoring, life long love. Topics will include God's Idea of Marriage, Communication, Finances, Roles, etc. These classes ideally take place before your wedding but can continue afterwards if your wedding takes place mid-course. Over the next five months there will be books and articles given to you as well as required homework for each couple to do together. We really want to pour into you and your marriage some of the best information and tools that will make your marriage thrive. There will be a 'mentor' couple that will be going through this journey with the group and will be available to answer any questions and connect with you throughout this entire process. At the end you may discover that you may need to hit the pause button on your relationship or at the very least, that finding the person you want to spend forever with is just the beginning of marital bliss. Issues of compatibility, commitment, and compassion will be discussed as you prepare for 'I do'. I can't image your excitement about the future and I hope that Living Hope can add joy to your heart and mind as we unpack the biblical perspective and meaning of marriage.