22H West Route 313, Perkasie, PA 18944

We're no Longer Using CCB

We've started using Church Center as the main hub for all things Living Hope. With Church Center, it's easier than ever to find and join groups, submit your donations, sign up for an event, check in your kids, and more - all in one location!

You'll see that we've already begun integrating Church Center right here on our website.
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What Do I Need To Do?


As a member or a regularly attending guest, all you have to do is download our new Church Center app on your phone or tablet and sign in. There, you'll be able to join your groups, sign up for events, give online, check in your kids, and more!


As Group leaders, you need to begin using Church Center instead of CCB. Many of your processes will be simplified in Church Center and will involve fewer steps. Please utilize the tools and workshop meetings provided by Living Hope to get acquainted with how to perform your tasks.
Download Church Center
A community of imperfect people striving to love God and others as we reach out to the world around us with the hope God has given us through Jesus Christ.
22H West Route 313, Perkasie, Pa 18944
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