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Community Garden Info


The garden season runs from April 1 till the first killer frost – November.
See you up at the Garden, April 1 @ 8 AM.

Weekly participation is appreciated not mandatory.
You are free to work in the garden as your schedule permits, days, afternoons, evenings, and weekends.

We meet as a group at the garden Saturdays mornings; 8:00-10:00, some arrive later, stay later.

Weekday evenings are also productive, especially early on, watering & establishing seedlings.

We ask each member to contribute $20. This goes towards plants and garden equipment.

You take what you can use from the weekly harvest, we also harvest mid-week in the summer season.

We grow the crops that members request. If you have a particular plant, herb in mind, buy & bring it to the garden for planting.

We try to have early spring crops, late spring crops, summer crops & a late summer planting and the fall crops. Usually the late summer crops are still growing into the fall.

Hoses, watering cans, buckets, tomato cages are the major items that we use, along with individually selected tools for planting, weeding, cultivating and kneeling.

Age or experience is no barrier, you can learn, you can teach.

Your physical abilities or limits are not a barrier.

We encourage families with children; kids learn and take in the experience without realizing it. A dirty kid is a kid having a great time.

We do compost, spread manure on the garden and we do use organic fertilizers. These are not chemical fertilizers; they have no environmental impact and are not harmful when taken up by the plants that we eat. We do not treat for bugs, or trap critters that invade the garden.

Flowers are permitted, particularly those that repel insects and animals. We designate a section for flowers which can be treated as a cutting garden.

We do allocate from each weeks harvest a quantity to support the Food Pantry at Living Hope. We tend to plan and grow sufficient quantity so that the gardeners have plenty to share and still sustain the food pantry.

We ask that you reach out to anyone that you know that would enjoy participating in the garden, regardless of age, abilities, experience, or membership at Living Hope.

We would like the garden to be recognized as the community garden in Dublin that speaks of the mission of Living Hope Community Church.

Infants & Toddlers

(Birth – age 30 months)
Our goals for infants and toddlers are to create a sense of security and belonging for the babies and their parents, to pray for these infants, as well as for their families, and to simply love them well!


(Ages 2.5 – Pre-Kindergarten)
We want our preschoolers to know that God loves them, God made them, and that Jesus wants to be their friend forever! Our time together on Sundays includes a Bible story, simple games, a memory verse and group prayer.


(Kindergarten – grade 6)
During the service, kids in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade rotate between large and small group time in their classrooms with worship, Bible lessons, prayer time, and small groups. The students engage in high energy, Biblically-based activities for their age groups.