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Future Hope

Our Future Hope campaign is still going on! For more information about the final projects we have left to finish well, please check out the video below.

The Projects

Kitchen Remodel

$60,000 for Project

Our Relational Environment is supported by our attention to the needs of our congregation. Brewing Sunday’s coffee, having a pancake breakfast, and sharing a meal all begin in a well equipped kitchen.

Our kitchen remodel includes new cabinets, appliances, and more efficient faucets to make serving more pleasant.


$30,000 for Project

Our Missional Mindset begins with our First Impression. Our building front facing Route 313 had lost its structural integrity.

This project calls for the dangerous exterior window panels to be removed, a new facade installed, and the general surroundings of the courtyard improved.

Sewer Line

$50,000 for Project

Connecting to the public sewer line as it moves down Route 313 will provide a relief to our congregation, septic system, and Facilities Team. This much needed project will reinstate reliable bathrooms for Sunday mornings and avoid the cost of pumping the septic system every two weeks.

This project includes building a line to the edge of our property and connecting it to the public sewage system.


$60,000 - Kitchen Remodel
$30,000 - Courtyard
$50,000 - Sewer Line
$140,000 - Total
If these projects are funded by the end of 2020, we will finish all the original goals of the Future Hope campaign, which
started back in 2017.

Living Hope has $100,000 set aside in a reserve for unforeseen future building needs. If we raise the $140,000 requested, we will be able to maintain this fund.

How To Help

Honor Your Pledge

If you pledged to support this campaign in the past, please continue your support until the original deadline of June 2020. This will help us reach our goal.

Count Me In

If you came to Living Hope after this campaign started, or haven’t been able to give yet, it’s not too late. You can write a check and designate it to “Future Hope” or place money in one of the “Count Me In” envelopes to help us reach our goal.
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22H West Route 313, Perkasie, Pa 18944
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