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WM Bible Study

Winter Bible Studies


Study: Acts
Type of Study: Digging Deeper

How can we live an authentic Christian life and share the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit? Watch and be encouraged by how God worked in and through the lives of an imperfect first-century church. See their confidence, enthusiasm, vision, and power….then consider what the Lord might have for us today in Bucks County.

Dates: 1/13/2020 – 5/18/2020
Times: 7 – 9 PM
Leader: Led by Diana Gleaton

Location: Meets in Hope Café

No book to purchase – just bring a Bible and pen
Childcare available for ages 1-6


Study: James
Type of Study: Foundations

Written by the half-brother of Jesus, the letter of James focuses on the need for both faith and works. A life of faith is about actions that reveal a difference in a person’s life. The works do not save the Christian; they mark the Christian.

Dates: 1/15/2020 – 4/1/2020
Times: 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Leader: Dolores Fratrik and Jen Detweiler

Location: Meets in Hope Café

Cost for materials is $7.00
No childcare available.


Study: Isaiah
Type of Study: Foundations

Isaiah – We often glide in and out of the enormous book of Isaiah to snatch a prophesy about the coming Messiah, but so much of its richness is missed. While living with the impending threat of captivity of this nation, Isaiah speaks with conviction that God remains in control of all nations and happenings. Together we will read and study deeply the people of God, including their experiences of disobedience, judgement, comfort, and hope in the promised Messiah.

Dates: 1/10/2020 – 2/7/2020
Times: 9 – 11 AM
Leader: Karen Gibson & Diana Miller

Location: Meets in Hope Café

Cost for materials: No cost. Just bring a Bible and a pen.
Childcare available upon request.


Study: Romans Parts 3 & 4
Type of Study: Precepts

In Romans Part 3 (ch 9-11) we learn God can always be trusted to fulfill His promises, based on this extended discussion of God’s sovereignty. Romans Part 4 (ch 12-16) are very practical chapters on how the righteous live by faith. You will learn how redemption, justification, and propitiation enable you to live righteously as you serve God. Precept Upon Precept is an Inductive Study method that includes 5 days of homework.

Dates: 1/10/2020 – 5/22/2020
Times: 9 – 11 AM
Leader: Jen Detweiler

Location: Meets in the Family Room

Cost for materials: $36
Childcare available upon request.