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Multi-Site Timeline


The pastors from Living Hope casually met with the First Baptist Pastors to understand the gospel’s reach into the community of Doylestown.

May/June, 2021

Eugene met with Adam Sheaffer, lead elder at FBC, twice and walked the streets of the local community, developing a relationship with the church.

Summer, 2021

Adam Sheaffer met with Cole, Nick, and Eugene at LHCC to hear the heart of First Baptist and consider a potential partnership.

August, 2021

Cole met with Adam at FBC, walking through the facility and discussing the potential partnership opportunity.

Fall, 2021

Adam Sheaffer and his wife, Jaclyn, visited Living Hope to discuss potential resourcing and support.

September 21, 2021

The Elder boards of Living Hope and First Baptist met to discuss the possibility of merger or adoption. At this time, the Pastoral Search Team(PST) from FBC engaged in a feasibility assessment to ascertain the efficacy of a merger or adoption.

October 19, 2021

The elders from both churches, along with the Multi-Site team from Living Hope and the Pastoral Search Team from First Baptist, met to build stronger relationships.

November 4, 2021

The Multi-Site team from Living Hope met with the PST from First Baptist via Zoom to begin working through the feasibility assessment.

Early November, 2021

Multiple meetings were held between the First Baptist PST and the Living Hope Multi-Site team. Over the course of three meetings, they completed the Feasibility Study from the book 'Better Together' by Tomberrlin & Bird.

Late November, 2021

The First Baptist PST unanimously voted to recommend to the Elders of FBC-D that the church pursue a rebirth with Living Hope–two churches becoming one. This was unanimously supported by their Elders. The Multi-Site team from Living Hope also unanimously voted to pursue the partnership. This was reinforced by another unanimous vote from the LHCC Elders.

December 1, 2021

Congregational announcements of intent to merge were made by both LHCC and FBC-D.

January - February, 2022

The plan is to host a number of town halls, in-home meetings, and discussions to answer questions and dream of the possibilities of our future. It is the intention of Living Hope to support FBC-D during this time through various resources including Sunday preaching, music, and other volunteer support.

March 20, 2022

Congregation voted for affirmation and legal approval.


Multiple meetings to gather potential leaders and volunteer teams to serve as the core group at the Doylestown campus.

november 15, 2022

Doylestown Core Team Workshop

december 13, 2022

Doylestown Core Team Christmas Party to celebrate those who plan to serve at or attend the new campus

january 15, 2023

Core Team Workshop at the Doylestown campus

February, 2023

Doylestown Preview Services held to ensure all operations are running smoothly prior to launch

March 5, 2023

Public launch & grand opening of the Living Hope Community Church - Doylestown Campus. Sunday services held at 9:30am and 11:00am

APRIL, 2024

Successful completion of the Ripple of Hope Campaign, having raised 100% of the project budget of $1.75 million
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